Top 10 Job opportunities for Nigerians 2021

The top ten Job opportunities for Nigerians in 2021 come in the form of recruitments. Actually, we consider these jobs as significant because they usually target a larger pool of applicants instead of single companies’ individual hiring efforts.

So below are the top recruiting jobs in Nigeria in 2021:

The Nigerian Army invites young people who want to serve the country through the Internet. The NA website or is now open to recruits from the Nigerian Army.

This recruitment activity is open to traders / non-craftsmen. Candidates who wish to retain a defensive position in the federal government and Army can benefit from that position. Similarly, all eligible applicants can apply online on the Nigerian Armed Forces portal. Applicants should read this article carefully to understand the eligibility criteria.

The Federal Road Safety Recruitment 2021.

The FRSC is a government agency in Nigeria. The Federal Road Safety Commission’s role is to ensure Nigeria’s roads and other related obligations. Legions often hire young, energetic, talented, and technology-driven staff to provide the organization with the necessary talent. The adoption of FRSC 2020 will be significant.

More than 5000 vacancies are available on the recruitment portal Actually, they encourage all candidates to prepare for employment.

The actual recruitment for the Federal Road Safety Commission is online via the portal All qualified applicants must sign, complete the application form and upload the required documents.

  • Nigeria Air Force recruitment

The Nigerian Air Force’s official candidates’ recruitment for 2021 contains the Air force needs for new recruits. The candidates who they recruit as NAF and who will officially join the Nigerian Air Force.

Moreover, the Nigerian Air Force’s final list will actually be by the management and is on the NAF recruitment

Please follow the instructions on this website to apply and later verify your name if they choose you.

Similarly, the list of approved candidates for the Nigerian Air Force will be posted out via PDF and pdf for download.

Similarly, there will be a list of the required documents and materials available in the field of training. And the medical candidates for NAF 2021 will be presented at a training camp at Kawo Kaduna Air Force Base in Nigeria on the date stated.

Besides, the Nigerian Air Force candidates in the sub-list have passed the DRC / DSSC 2020 Nigerian Air Force Special Medical Application interview. They will be reported for training at Kawo Kaduna Air Force Base in Nigeria.

If you are actually interested in finding a job with the Nigerian Prison Service (NPS)? Then welcome.

The Nigerian Prison 2021 recruitment is still pending. At, you will find all your application updates and information on successfully registering for Nigeria Prison Service Recruitment 2021 online.

You will also learn about application requirements, start dates for the hiring process, and other essential details. Stay tuned for updates to the 2021 Job Application Form on the Nigeria Prisons Recruitment Portal.

Prisons are third parties in the criminal justice system after the police and the courts. The Nigeria Prison Department is overseen and supervised by the Council of Interior and Civil Defense Ministers, the Fire Department, the Immigration Office, and Prisons.

The Federal Government of Nigeria annually recruits suitable candidates for the Civil Defense, Fire Protection, Immigration and Prisons Commission (CDFIPB). This tremendous national recruitment is to be carried out by the CDFIPB, which is free. In this article, you can see all the updates on the recruiting process.

  • Lagos Government Recruitment

Lagos Government Recruitment Application Portal for Employment 2021 is at the portal.

Are you looking for a job portal in Lagos? If so, you are in the right place. The Lagos Government has launched the Lagos 2021 Recruiting Portal to support state recruiting trends. In this way, all government recruiting activities in Lagos in 2021 will be completed via

So if you are actually looking for a job in the Lagos State Government, download and fill out the application form from the online portal, all candidates with adequate qualifications can apply.

The portal is a job and employment information portal established by the Lagos State Government Health Services Commission for Recruitment. Please apply and submit immediately from the site.

Similarly, the Lagos State Health Services Commission is the agency responsible for hiring the staff and public servants of the Lagos State Health Services. Besides, the Lagos National Commission employs large-scale health workers to fill job gaps in-state public health agencies.

Fraud Prevention and scams

Beware of work scams. Sometimes they appear on dodgy job boards hosted by dishonest people and quickly make money off the Nigerian unemployed defenseless. It would help if you kept up to date with the latest federal job openings, including:

  • Require payment before processing your application or training.
  • Ask them to come for an interview, pay for the flight and accommodation at a designated third party travel agent and promise they will be refunded later.
  • Invite respondents to switch to an MLM or mouse sales plan.
  • Use your resume information to sell products (insurance, investment plans, etc.) or offer non-work-related quotes. Or
  • The advertisement is actually too good to be accurate and is usually false, suspicious, or misleading (e.g., misleading job title, job description, agency description).


In Nigeria, public sector jobs are beneficial to anyone looking for safer and longer careers. The benefits enjoyed by government employment specialists include social security, employment insurance, vacations, bonuses, pensions, and biweekly payments, making them highly attractive in the industry.

Adopting the federal government in 2021 has some drawbacks, mainly the following. There is no fixed wage, that is, fewer wage increases. There is no budget for staff training and the daily issues with the job and work bureaucracy.

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